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By Team Quadratics


Aemulus was once wealthy and happy, but that was before he lost everything. Now, he must reclaim what is rightfully his. Defeat all of the guards to proceed, or collect the key card and then use the door if there is one. The guards are armed with guns, but Aemulus is content with only a short knife. That's because he has a secret weapon of his own; the Sicarius suit, which allows him to perceive time in slow motion, determine the movements of the guards, and identify them by name. Use WASD to move, F to attack, and hold G to use "focus mode", allowing Aemulus to tap into the suits abilities, temporarily. Focus mode allows Aemulus to react twice as fast as his enemies, and is even able to dodge bullets. When in focus mode, a red path is also drawn showing the guards movements. By utilizing this information, Aemulus can easily ambush his enemies. Timing, however, is everything. Killing a guard while he is talking to another guard could cause him to notice you, and that could have fatal consequences. In order to regain the wealth he once possessed, Aemulus must become The Sicarius.

Programming - Adam V. (Wizered67)
Graphics - Josh D. (Hoovyscoot), Paul K. (Pandadog123)
General Help - Ryan G. (Viper1044)
Audio - Kevin L. (Kayfon)


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