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Jack Primus is a special operative under the command of President Cubama. But when worlds collide, Jack will get more than he bargained for. Armed with his trusty ruler and protractor, he must defeat enemies from the inner planets in order to gather the three gears President Cubama seeks. Only then will Cubama's true plan be revealed...

Controls: Arrow Keys to move and jump, space to throw protractor/boomerang

Game Guide (how to beat the bosses):

Note: If you find a boss too challenging/glitchy, you can press the 1-4 keys on the title or game over screen to skip to that boss battle automatically. Please try them all out!

Boss 1, Venus: Just jump up on the platforms and hit him with the boomerang. If you get hit by his attacks you will be knocked back.

Boss 2, Mercury: Jump on the platforms and hit him. After he is hit once, or when you get near him, he will turn red and become invincible. This is your cue to jump! He will quickly slam his fist into the ground and send you flying if you are on the ground. If you hit him after he has turned red, he will turn gold. The only way to avoid this is to jump down and climb back up again!

Boss 3, Mars: When he charges at you, he will damage you and can't be hit. The only time to get him is when his back is turned after he charges, but it is only for a short time. If you stay too far away, he will send rocks showering down on you.

Boss 4, Peacekeeper: Made of solid steel, he can't be hurt and deals damage if you touch him. First, you have to redirect a homing missile at him. To do this, maneuver around. It takes some time for the missiles to track you again! Once he is hit, he will fall down and is vulnerable to the boomerang. Once hit, he will take flight and go on a bombing run. Get under one of the solid covers to avoid this. Then, he will return to the right side and the battle starts over.

By the way, Jack Primus: Peacekeeper is a reimagining of our first ever Ludum Dare entry back at LD23. You can find it at http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-23/?action=preview&uid=11631 if you want to check it out.

Programming - Adam V.
Lead Graphics Designer - Josh D.
Graphics - Paul K.
Comics and backgrounds - Christine N.
Music - Kevin L.
General Design - Ryan G.


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